About Us

ZOLL-SPED KFT has been providing custom duty services since 1991, always considering the standards and quality requirements of the respective times. At the beginning the company only had one 50 m2 office with outdated equipment, build from containers. Our motto has not changed since, the alterations in legal and method systems only confirmed that ‘Your concepts about foreign trade and taxation are commands for us in the implementation.’ In other words, our mission was always has been the same: to effectively and efficiently put customer demands into practice. Our company has grown out of our old office, and after various expansions, we now serve our clients in a modern three-story, fully air-conditioned 640 m2 office building.


Our seniors of the custom group has more than 20 years’ experience in the field of customs, as former officers of the Customs and Finance Guard (in senior, inspector and coordinator positions). The most up-to-date network systems and innovative software, aid our workflow, which has enabled us meeting the criteria of the AEO.C (AUTHORISED ECONOMIC OPERATOR) quality assurance system, always in cooperation with the customs and economic authorities. Our permits for activities out of possession of warranties empower the quickest legal solution for strategic enterprises, including

  • We act as national guarantor for transitory transactions.
  • We offer temporary holding until the arrival of the applicable surrogate or license.

 In addition to the import-export custom services, we provide storage capacity with state-of-the-art logistic systems to move various types of goods, which satisfying various requirements:

  • 440 m2 indoors
  • 280 m2 tented
  • 1000 m2 opened
  • 500 m2 isothermal
  • 200 m2 chilled/heated
  • 40 m2 freezer 


Our services include - if needed and legally suitable - commissioning, repacking, nullification, relabeling, unloading of chemical goods and their treatment on demand. Our company is capable of transporting dangerous goods with an ADR-qualified vehicle up to 1.2 T payload, inland or international, with an ADR-qualified driver team.


Protection and Security


As well as property protection and defending against fundamental elemental damage, our site is equipped with CCTV, an automatic fire alarm system, gas-mixture analyzer and security service personnel from SIBA Kft. Furthermore, a general insurance contract covers any impairment to our and your belongings.


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