About Us

Founded in 1991, ZOLL-SPED LTD. provides full customs management, special warehousing and administrative services related to logistics and export import procedures.


Customs & Administration


Our company, as an AEO-licensed customs agency, is a reliable partner of the customs authorities, and one of the oldest, most experienced agency in the region; we are accredited to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, and have the necessary bank guarantees and permits for our specialist activities. Our professional and reliable service is guaranteed by our customs managers and employees with decades of experience in the government and corporate sectors.


For nearly 30 years, our primary function has been the complete handling of Client’s customs matters, including:

  • carrying out export/import customs procedures in both normal and simplified procedures, with an undertaking by a guarantor on request;
  • temporary storage;
  • the storage of EU and non-EU goods and the provision of customs and tax warehousing capacity;
  • special use: temporary admission and proposing a specific use;
  • complete management of inward and outward processing procedures;
  • contributing to post incident proceedings, recommendations, with risk analyses and professional advice relating to all the above.


Our customs authorisations issued and any financial guarantees underlying them, provide sufficient securities for the procedures.


In addition to customs procedures, we also undertake internal customs audits for our partners. During the screening process, we explore existing and future risks by analyzing relevant processes of the company, to help optimize and avoid problems.


We place a great emphasis on the classification of goods, the precise tariff classification of products and control the headings used. In addition to customs procedures and customs audits, we also undertake these tasks for non-customs activities (EPF, EKÁER, Intrastat, etc.).


Beyond customs, we also provide services for:

  • Environmental Product fee declaration;
  • EKÁER administration;
  • INTRASTAT data reporting;
  • registration tax administration.


Our processes are supported with specialized IT solutions providing state of the art own server park, hardware and software protection systems, partly self-developed data processing software, separate data storage and communication to minimise the risk of data loss and data leakage.




In some cases, either due to the Client’s optimisation of labour management, reduction of administrative and HR costs, or the demarcation of responsibilities, it is important that certain processes operate in a way that is separated from internal departments. To meet these demands, our company develops and manages its administrative activities in a flexible way, to include deployment of employees to perform their work at the Client’s premises.

With the help of our experienced, competent and efficient team, you can make savings in time and money by outsourcing administrative activities.




The primary use of our warehouses is goods requiring special treatment/storage including flammable and explosive or special permit materials, goods requiring tempering, documents requiring controlled humidity and custom-sized machinery/equipment. Our warehouses are built according to the strictest regulatory and industry standards and all three structures meet predefined requirements. The storage and handling of goods is monitored by special and state of the art security systems, professional accounting solutions, as well as qualified and experienced personnel. All our work is conducted in accordance with the requirements of our quality management systems and clients needs.


In our Warehouses we also offer additional services covering picking, repackaging, neutralisation, re-labelling, ADR and refrigerated transport.


Warehouse and transport capacities

  • 200 m2, < 20 °C, flammability class I
  • 500 m2, < 25 °C, flammability class II
  • 450 m2, 15-20 °C
  • 130 m2, between -2 and +5 °C
  • 200 m2 document storage (controlled temperature and humidity)
  • 440 m2 covered and closed
  • 280 m2 tent
  • 1000 m2 open
  • ADR and refrigerated 3.5-ton cars



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