Environmental Investments

"Protection of the enviroment with secondary material utilization" tender contract has been signed, the construction has started


The primary objective of our company is permanent functioning, stable operation, upholding the present market position. It is only conceivable if we provide services in various fields to multiple clients, thus pursue to extend our business with new branches.


Management came up with a new project on the field of environmental industry, which is only surfacing now in our country. Specifically, we focus on recycling which not only reduces the collateral damage to our environment, is very profitable nevertheless.


Recycling in Hungary is in an infant state. Although its number is growing, only a few company is present on this market yet which means enermous opportunities. The demand is significant, not only locally, but regionally and its trend is expanding, which we can and must take advantage of. 


Our enterprise is going to be established in cooperation with a company in possession of sufficient know-how and expertise. Part of this project is the construction of a 788 m2 modern plant, with high-tech equipment. We undertook to employ four additional employees throughout the contract period.


The realisation of the project increases our profit and efficiency, we recon, besides it enforces our position in the region and ensures our long-term operation and future. Thereby we grant permanent employment for our current personnel.


Furthermore this implemented new branch is in complete parallel with the conceptions of our company, therefore laying down the foundation for our upcoming enterprises.


Project info:

  • Title: "Környezetvédelem másodlagos anyagfelhasználással"
  • Beneficiary: "ZOLL - SPED Spedicio és Szolgáltató Kft."
  • Supporter: Hungarian Ministry of National Economy (2-4. József Nádor sqr., Budapest 1051)
  • Contribor: "Nyugat-dunántúli Regionális Fejlesztési Ügynökség Nonprofit Kft." (6. Csatkai Endre st., Sopron 9400)
  • Sum of the provided financial support: 56.608.798,- Ft

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